Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Will the City of Harrisburg go green with vehicle purchases?

Mayor Reed has said that the city will go ahead with $8 million in vehicle and equipment purchases with almost all city departments getting a new vehicle. I want to know if the city will purchase fuel efficient vehicles, including hybrid models.

We'll all seen what gas hogs the current city fleet is. They look like they're all V-8's. Purchasing green, hybrid, fuel efficient vehicles could save the city tens of thousands of dollars annually.

The Chevy Aveo would be great for a lot of city officials to drive around in. It gets 22 city/33 highway.

The parking cops could drive around in the new Smart Fortwo, a small car from Mercedes, and very economical in purchase price and fuel usage. This little car gets 36 city/45 highway and is perfectly suited for driving around the city giving parking tickets to illegally parked vehicles. It would sure beat the huge V-8 Chevy boats that they currently drive around in.

The Honda Fit is another excellent vehicle for city officials. 26 city/34 highway. Toyota's Yaris is a zippy little car that gets 28 city/35 highway.

What about the city police? They need something with a lot of horse-power for chases and emergency responses and such. I've seen some of the local township police forces with the Dodge Charger. The Charger can do 0 - 60 mph in 5.0 - 7.6 seconds. Fuel economy is 12-18 city/18-25 highway. Not too bad, although I'm sure that is better gas mileage than they are getting now. Chevrolet has a nice Impala that does 0-60 in 5.7 - 7.5 seconds. Gas mileage is slightly better, but not by much.

Let's talk to the Mayor and ask him to seriously consider more fuel efficient vehicles for the city. You can email him at: mayor@cityofhbg.com.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Card and gift shop closing........

in downtown Harrisburg. Perks 'N Bribes, located at 225 N. Second St. has announced that they will be closing their doors forever January 31, 2008. Owner David Ferris blamed the closing on "poor sales and the disappearance of other retail shops on Second Street."

Now, this brings us to the proposed new federal courthouse for Harrisburg. The GSA has given Harrisburg the details of requirements of what is needed to build the courthouse at the 6th and Reilly Sts. location endorsed by Mayor-for-life Stephen Reed and local leaders. Some of the requirements are shopping, restaurants and offices. The Mayor has said before that would be no problem, etc., etc. Barbara Shelton, the GSA's regional director and a Harrisburg native has major doubts as to whether Reed can deliver on all his promises. I don't blame her on that one, a lot of people have their doubts as to whether Reed can deliver.

This all brings me to a really big question........if Reed can't attract and keep retail shops downtown, how in the hell is he going to do it at 6th and Reilly?

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

DeWeese is an ass......

Pennsylvania State House Dem leaders (aka DeWeese) are fighting to block unemployment benefits for 2 of several of their workers that took the fall for DeWeese last November. Remember the firings? I believe 7 of them were fired, and only 1, DeWeese's right hand man, landed a plum job working for Triad Strategies.

It seems that these workers were asked to sign resignation letters at the caucus leaders' request, and when they refused, they were promptly fired. These people were wrongly fired to begin with. Scapegoats for DeWeese's inability to tell the truth to investigators. DeWeese doesn't want to lose his plum job with all the bennies and the power that goes with it. He's guilty and he knows it. It's a real shame that these people got fired for something they were ordered to do by DeWeese. This whole bonus debacle came from the top of the state Dem Caucus. And who is at the top? DeWeese. DeWeese's right hand man carried out the orders of his boss using caucus staff. It all came from DeWeese, EVERBODY knows that.

So now the state house Dem Caucus (DeWeese) is fighting to deny these workers unemployment benefits. They should be ALLOWED to collect. They were WRONGLY fired to begin with. DeWeese should be ashamed of himself. These workers have families to support. Wrongful terminations each and every one, except DeWeese's right hand man. They got him a new job really fast, too fast if you ask me. DeWeese more than likely made a phone call to the head of Triad and asked him to find a spot at Triad for his (DeWeese's) right hand man. He had to find a job for him because if he didn't, his former right hand man knows EVERYTHING and might spill the beans.

In another development relating to DeWeese's "Bonusgate"..........
The House Democrats have filed a suit to keep Attorney General Tom Corbett from caucus office files marked "incumbent protection plan" and "opposition research". The House Dems want to invalidate the search of caucus offices which netted 20 boxes of paperwork including the files that I just mentioned. I'll bet that those files are just loaded with all kinds of stuff that DeWeese doesn't want Corbett to see. DeWeese could be in BIG, BIG trouble. Serves him right.
Wait until the Grand Jury finds out about the elections of 2004, more bonusgate and staff members working for several months in Dem districts helping candidates while getting paid their House salaries. I can't wait till ALL THE SHIT hits the fan.

Send Mr. DeWeese an email telling him what a scum bag he is, I'm going to. It's time to get rid of the bad Dems, they give all Dems a bad name.